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HIGREE, has been the global leading suppiler of hydrocarbon (petroleum) resin for paints, adhesives, inks, and rubber industries.
By professional testing and meticulous division according to performance and applications, HIGREE'S customers from all over the workd continue to enjoy the constant quality and professional applications of hydrocarbon (petroleum) resins material.

We have maintained our leadership postion in the hydrocarbon (petroleum) resin market by strict quality principals:
HIGREE has set up a professional testing laboratory and R&D team. All if the products will be tested in the lab before shipment. Not only physical and chemical parameters of resins, but also applications in different industries will be tested in the lab. Constant quality and prodessional setvice has been enjoyed by HIGREE's Customers.
Our Vision, Values, Mission and Operating Principles have been developed to reflect not only our day-to-day work on our core business strategies, but also to guide us through the challenges and opportunities that come with global expanison and rapidly changing markets.


HIGREE C5/C9 hydrocarbon resin is a kind of C5 modified C9 hydrocarbon resin. With both characters of C5 and C9 components, it has perfect compatibility with basic polymers such as ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA), styrene block copolymer(SBC) to be a good raw material for adhesives.
Furthermore, it could be substitute of glycerin rosin ester in shoes adhesives. HIGREE C5/C9 hydrocarbon resin could also be a good raw material for rubber compounding in tyre industry, could enhance tack of rubber particles and the adhesion between rubber particles and cord. They are good choice for PCR and TBR.

  • 1. Excellent compatibility with various polymers
  • 2. Solubility in various solvents
  • 3. Excellent chemical stability
  • 4. Good heat resistance and water resistance
  • 5. Excellent peel and tack properties
  • 6. Low volatility and low odor
  • 7. Low molecular weight distribution

  • Grade No. ASTM E28 ASTM D1544 ETM-E-10 Application
    HIGREE HA1000 100+-5 4# Max.100 Hot melt adhesives, solvent based adhesives, rubber.
    HIGREE HA1090 100+-5 5# Max.100 Hot melt adhesives, solvent based adhesives, rubber.
    HIGREE HA1090 100+-5 5# Max.100 Hot melt adhesives, solvent based adhesives, rubber.

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